Administrative Team

  • Welcome to Morehouse Elementary School


    To the Parents and Students of MES:


    It is with great pride and excitement that I introduce myself to you as the Principal of Morehouse Elementary School for the 2019-2020 school year.

    I am looking forward to working with the parents, students, and the staff at MES as we work together toward an academically successful school year.


    M. Taylor


    Responsible   Accountable   Model Good Behavior  Safety First

  • Administrative Team
    Mrs. Marilyn Taylor, Principal

    [email protected]


    Mrs. Wendy Coleman, Co-Principal

    [email protected]


    Ms. Melanie White, Assistant Principal

    [email protected]


    Mrs. Teri Carson, Instructional Facilitator

    [email protected]





Office Staff

  • K. Floyd
  • E. Johnson
  • S. King

Faculty and Staff

  • Kindergarten Teachers
    B. Berryman

    M. Elliott

    M. McWilliams

    J. Sims

    T. Yanez

  • 1st Grade Teachers
    L. Bershell

    L. Ederington

    A. Jones

    J. Nash

    L. Sears

  • 2nd Grade Teachers
    M. Brown

    A. Jackson

    P. Lewis

    C. Parker

    C. Rogers

  • 3rd Grade Teachers
    L. Edmonds

    L. Heckford

    A. Lee

    M. Wooten

  • 4th Grade Teachers
    C. Beard

    D. Benton

    N. Davis

    M. Thomas

  • 5th Grade Teachers
    S. Bonner

    T. Hawkins

    J. Morrison

    E. Robinson

  • 6th Grade Teachers
    P. Campbell

    B. Carpenter

    M. Kolterman

    A. Nimmer

    D. Watson

  • Special Education Teachers
    S. Fisher

    S. January

    J. Jones

    A. Madden

    V. Pritchett

  • Computer Lab Teachers
    R. Cobb

    T. Mize

    C. Shivers

  • Physical Education Teachers
    T. Chatman

    A. Tippitt


  • Paraprofessionals
    J. Banks

    L. Brown

    T. Brown

    R. Deal

    C. Felder

    C. McKinney

    P. Jackson

    R. Jones

    V. McClendon

    K. Nimmer

    S. Robbson

    P. Watson

    M. White

    M. Winston

  • Morehouse Health Based Clinic
    N. Powell

    F. Sampson

    J. Sneed

    K. Tubbs

  • Nutrition Staff
    J. Coleman

    D. Davis

    A. Givens

    I. Harris - Manager

    T. Kennedy

    R. Pegross

    A. Powell

    O. Sylvester

    M. Townes

    R. Wheeler

  • Custodians
    D. Anderson

    H. Bolden

    F. Gibson

    C. Green

    W. Johnson

    S. Montgomery

    D. Moore

    K. Moore