Administrative Team

  • Welcome to Morehouse Junior High School


    Mission: Academic Excellence through Quality Teaching


    Vision: RAMS Rising to a C or Higher


    To the Parents and Students of MJHS:


    It is with great pride and excitement that I introduce myself to you as the Principal of Morehouse Jr. High School for the 2018-2019 school year.

    I am looking forward to working with the parents, students, and the staff at MJHS as we work together toward an academically successful school year.


    M. Taylor


    Responsible   Accountable   Model Good Behavior  Safety First

  • Administrative Team
    Mrs. Marilyn Taylor, Acting Principal

    [email protected]


    Mrs. Vashon Parker-Hobbs, Assistant Principal

    Mr. Kevin Thomas, Dean of Students

    [email protected]



7th Grade Teachers

  • Robinson, Emmitt
  • Britton, T.
    English & Reading
  • Coleman, S.
    English & Reading
  • Vann, T.
  • Morrison, J.
  • Telano, C.
    Social Studies - American History
  • Bonner, S.
    Computer Literacy

5th Grade Teachers

  • B. Augurson
  • V. Odom
  • A. Reynolds
  • E. Robinson
  • D. Thomas
  • D. Watson
    Social Studies

6th Grade Teachers

  • Davis, N.
    English & Reading
    [email protected] 
  • Nimmer, A.
    English & Reading
  • Jackson, P.
  • Parker, W.
    Social Studies - World History
  • Gray, L.
  • Green, M.
    Computer Literacy/Soc. Studies
  • Gordon, D.

Student Services

Elective/PE Teachers

Special Education Teachers


  • Fullerton, D.
  • Johnson, A.
  • Brown, L.
  • Watkins, M.
  • Malone, R.
  • Deal, R.
  • Felder, C.
  • Banks, J.
  • Watkins, K.
  • Brown, T.
  • Winston, M.

Custodial & Cafeteria Staff

  • Gipson, F.
  • Taylor, R.
  • Robinson, R.
  • English, K.
  • Kennedy, T.
  • Knight, J.
  • Leopold, A.
  • Lewis, L.
  • Powell, A.
  • Reese, E.
  • Reese, F.
  • Wheeler, R.
  • Young, L.
  • Anderson, D.

To contact teachers, you may email them at the address below or call 281-0776 and ask for the counselor, Mr. Jones. He will help you set up an appointment for the teacher's planning period, before school or after school. Please note: Be 5 minutes early for any meeting with your student's teacher. Any meeting that does not start within 5 minutes after the appointed time will be canceled and you will need to reschedule with Mr. Jones. This is to protect the teacher's planning time and homelife time. Please call ahead if you need to cancel or will not arrive on time.

Office Staff

  • Floyd, K.
  • King, S.
  • Goldsby, T.