During the 2014-2014 school year, each student at MJH was required to be a part of a club. This was an effort to help students improve their social skills and character.   At the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, the School Improvement Team decided to implement the Ron Clark House System in lieu of school clubs.  

The benefits of the house system are as follows:

-creates a warm, family atmosphere where students feel valued and loved 

-promotes discipline and respect 

-creates a sense of urgency and a standard of high expectations 

-builds student confidence and enthusiasm 

-instills a sense of tradition 

-builds a sense of school spirit and pride.


2014 - 2015 Clubs

4-H Club, Animal Club, Art Club, Board Game Club, Classic/Current Movie Club, Drama Club, Fellowship of Christian Students Club (FCA), Games Club, Golf 101 Club, Lego Building Club, MPACT-Dance Club, Model  Building Club, Poetic Readers Club, Spirit Club, Walking around Louisiana Club, Young Men of Distinction/Young Ladies of Distinction Club